We design complete solutions to protect you against any risk.

We provide you with high-quality services to get a system at your fingertips.

We apply the latest technology to work quickly and correctly on the work you have assigned us.
Our support continues with the training of your staff and our immediate intervention to solve your problem of maintenance, expansion and upgrading of your system.


The base for a successful relationship between Gsec and you is that our products and support services satisfy your needs. In order to achieve this you must have a clear view of your needs and an understanding of how we satisfy them.

Our pre-sale consultants will work closely with you during this phase to ensure you are fully enabled to make an objective decision regarding our capabilities and their fit with your requirements.

Generally, pre-sale will consist of but is not limited to analysis and discussion on your requirements, commercial and technical discussion, high level and detail demonstrations, the return of Investment analysis and pilot study.


We offer total engineering services providing feasibility studies, conceptual drawings, and project-specific solutions.
Through our ample product know-how, we can compose a turnkey security or fire safety system.

Our expert designers have years of practical experience and are ready to offer a reliable and optimal security concept information to your engineers and architects.

Specifically, Gsec has the expertise to plan and design a failsafe system in case of faults in cables, connections or equipment and taking all possible precautions to prevent false alarms.

Our experts work together with our clients offering a design that ensures optimal system performance.
We know that cost is a predominant criterion in estimate a security system and we offer several options for various levels of budget and safety categories.


Our trained and certified installers are able to provide all of the following services:

  • Electrical installation (wiring)
  • Mounting of all components
  • Protection against overvoltage and lightning strikes
  • Electrical interconnections
  • Commissioning of complete system
  • Presentation of user documentation
  • Instruction of user personnel
  • Training of technical personnel
  • Attestation of conformity with the corresponding regulations
  • Follow up during the guarantee period


It’s one thing to have all of your new hardware and software fully installed, integrated and ready to work, but what about your security team? Are they ready to take advantage of all new system features?

Our company is a full-service training supplier for technicians, operators, and end-users.
Increase the value of your new systems with Gsec’s training specialists.


To ensure the continued correct functioning, your system should be regularly inspected and serviced.
We have the competency and the organization for inspection, servicing, and repair.

However a service contract with Gsec offers much more:

  • 10 years spare parts guarantee
  • Software upgrade
  • Remote servicing
  • 24/7 manned central station for alarm and fault signal monitoring

A service contract ensures the high degree of security that is indispensable in all industries today.
Customized service packages for maintenance ensure minimum downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
The opportunity of remote maintenance provides additional reliability and makes possible the outstandingly fast reaction to incidents in many cases.


Remote Servicing allows to our engineers and installers to program, service, repair and maintains a fire safety or security system locally or remotely via a PC.

We can have a look and control your system without delays and travel costs. Further, you can have advice from an expert how to repair or replace a faulty piece of equipment.

With a Gsec Service contract, you will be connected to our Service Center for remote support. Many services, updates and even immediate repairs that previously required on-site visits are now performed remotely. Up to 50% of all deviations can be detected via remote connection before interference with your workflow.

Take advantage of:

  • Earlier failure detection
  • Faster repair times
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtimes
  • Minimization of on-site visits
  • Remote software update


Many of our clients are already using a fire safety or security system. Their system may be old, obsolete, no longer fit for purpose or in need of an upgrade, repair or replacement. Unlike a new build project in the built environment where new systems are designed to address business objectives, existing real estate and the legacy systems installed within often forms a small part of an organization’s overall security strategy which increases the importance of a continued review of an organization’s operational requirements for correct and safe operation.

At evaluation stage, our Consultant will first give an independent review of the existing system, providing a thorough audit of all components operation and the control room visualization and control. He will then prepare a dilapidation report for the client, providing an independent review of each system and a thorough options appraisal for possible improvements and how to leverage performance from existing legacy systems without necessarily replacing the complete system.

Our audit and dilapidation survey will include:

  • Visual inspection of all equipment
  • Assess the systems Inventory, schematic and line diagrams
  • Assess the system network topology and technical requirements
  • Site Plans and Operational Requirements conformance
  • System user audit
  • Assessment of Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Has the incumbent maintainer updated ‘As Fitted’ drawings as the system have evolved over time?
  • Are operators suitably trained with the provision of easy to follows user instructions?
  • Does the system have sufficient resilience UPS and Battery Backup provision?
  • Does the system have a database and what is its integrity?
  • Is the software operating systems up-to-date with latest manufacturer release versions installed?
  • Inspection and maintenance of security and access control hardware
  • Inspection and maintenance on digital surveillance hardware
  • Inspection and maintenance on analytic system
  • Provision of Inspection and Test Reports
  • Integration options between various security systems


Our suppliers stand out for long-term availability. This helps us to extend your system lifespan. Further our individual consulting and support for product upgrade reduces system’s downtime.

The eventuality of errors and system breakdown increases cost for maintenance. To stay operational your system needs modernization!
We offer preventive services to recognize and replace outdated equipment.

We guarantee reliable and failsafe transition of your systems to the latest fire safety and security technology.


Our fire safety engineering professionals have the experience and specialist knowledge to advise, assess and design the built environment.
The protection of people, assets and the continuity of business operations are combined in our holistic fire strategies. Fire safety management and passive and active fire protection systems are balanced by us to be completely optimized for each facility. Our strategic approach provides consistent risk management, regulatory compliance, and practical long-term management regimes.

Gsec fire protection engineers identify risks and design safeguards that aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. We assist architects, building owners and developers in evaluating buildings’ life safety and property protection goals.

Our fire engineers can be engaged to provide fire investigation and 3rd party review for performance-based fire engineering solutions submitted in support of local building regulation applications.

Working with clients in the built environment, Gsec provides a comprehensive portfolio of fire safety consultant and fire engineering services which include:

  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire safety audits
  • Fire engineering
  • Fire detection systems design
  • Fire suppression systems design
  • Fire evacuation strategy
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Fire legislation advice