Our proven hazardous gas detection systems deliver the highest level of protection detecting toxic or combustible gasses using electrochemical, catalytic or infrared technology.


We offer portable instruments equipped of replaceable sensor cartridges measuring 14 different combustibles. Portable leak detectors for freon, CO, Methane/LPG complete our prestigious range.


4-20mA detectors with 2-wire connection compatible with any system with standard inputs for a wide range of applications in industrial plants, refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, fumigation facilities, paper pulp mills, aircraft and shipyards facilities. Our control units activate sirens, flash lights, ventilators and stops automatically processes.


Made up of control unit and detectors. It incorporates powerful, intuitive and user-friendly software. The control unit has a modular structure and can identify and control up to 64 detectors in 4 module lines connected by 4 wires. The actuation levels can be programmed as warning, pre-alarm and alarm for 3 ventilation speeds. Events memory which allows up to a total of 100 events per module line permits a perfect monitoring of the system.


For the detection of toxic and explosive taxes and oxygen. Using catalytic, electrochemical and infrared technology.
Programmable, provided with relay output, pellistor sensors resistant to silicon vapors. With plastic housing of IP65 protection grade.