The key aspect of our fire detection system is to identify a developing fire emergency in a timely manner, and to alert the building’s occupants and fire emergency organizations. We transmit an alarm notification signal to the fire department or other emergency response organization. Our system may also shut down electrical, air handling equipment or special process operations, and they may be used to initiate automatic suppression systems.


Best utilized for smaller applications, a conventional fire detection, and alarm system remains a viable fire protection solution. Ideal for restaurants, apartments but also for explosion hazard areas for conventional ATEX detectors and manual call points.


The biggest advantage is the quick location of a fire and the cause and effect programming for specific actions. The overall cost of wiring is considerably lower by a better monitoring of any wire damage. Analogue addressable detectors have build in isolators and their sensitivity can be adapted to local conditions.


Networking involves connecting several panels together to form a system. Inputs on one panel can activate outputs on another. Networking is used where one panel is not large enough, or in multiple-building situations. Networkable Fire Alarm Control Panels with Ethernet or BACnet interface allow non-proprietary interoperability with other building systems as HVAC,BACS, Security, Access or Elevators control.


The ideal solution for rooms or buildings of historical value, with aesthetic or architectural restrictions or for temporary installations. Thanks to wireless technology, devices can be quickly and freely positioned and repositioned. This facilitates planning, allows for cost-efficient installation and offers a high level of freedom and flexibility should room usage or building structure change in the future.


The state of the art fire detection system to provide optimum safety for fire detection in car, rail and service tunnels, cable routes and ducts, storage facilities and warehouses or conveyor belts. The line sensor is based on optical waveguides, which are immune to electromagnetic disturbances and as robust, maintenance-free system is the optimal heat detection system for areas subject to harsh environmental conditions. It provides fast fire detection with ranges of up to 10 km per channel.


Early detection of fires is the key factor in preventing them from developing. An Air Sampling System is at least 10 times more sensitive than a point detector. Such a system consists of a lengths of pipe with strategically placed sampling holes along its length. An air impeller is used to draw air along the pipe from the sampling holes and through the detector measuring chamber. Important applications are museums, art galleries, warehouses, telephone exchanges, penal establishments, dusty or dirty areas, unusually hot or cold areas, areas with high levels of radio energy, atrium buildings, etc.


The purpose of Intrinsically Safe Fire Detection equipment within hazardous areas is to prevent the occurrence of a fire or an explosion from the operation of that equipment. A Zener barrier or Galvanic isolator must be used in conjunction with I.S products to limit the energy entering the hazardous area. All our equipment is certified under the ATEX directive. Apart from the high quality approved equipment special precautions are considered during installation and testing from our skilled engineers.


We offer both analogue addressable and conventional ranges of smoke and heat detectors which are approved for use in the marine and offshore environment. These detectors operate in the same way and carry the same approvals as standard detectors but are subject to additional approval tests, specific to marine applications. Our control panels are designed and manufactured to ISO9001/2 and EN54. A wide range of detectors and ancillaries makes our equipment suitable for applications from general cargo vessels to large passenger vessels and offshore installation.


Applications include oil and gas, petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, industrial refrigeration, water and wastewater treatment, plastics and fibers, pulp and printing, agriculture, manufacturing and other industrial processes. We design customized protection concepts using Spark Detection and Extinguishing systems, I.S. Flame Detectors SIL 3 certified and semiconductor fire gas sensors.


We offer the perfect solution for protecting valuable objects, a single sector (one room) or multi sectors (multiple rooms) combined fire detection and fire extinguishing control with sophisticated requirements. Space-saving and cost-efficient solution – less extinguishing
cylinders needed with multisector control panel for larger applications. Sophisticated detection and extinguishing technology by our decades of know-how and experience.


In a serious incident, the risk is very high that people will not be able to safely escape the danger zone. We plan and supply a Mass Notification System that provide clear, concise and intelligible voice messages that communicate how people should respond in an emergency. The best solution is a multi-use system that can function as an evacuation, emergency messaging, paging, and employee notification system as well as provide background music.


We use special software to display layout plans, building floor plans and layout plan frames to localize the fire and to indicate the fastest intervention route. The graphic layout plan of all detectors is displayed in HTML mode and can be zoomed in and out. The powerful graphics engine supports existing AutoCAD files and thus offers the operator a comprehensive system overview: Icons placed on graphics display the current state of the equipment.