Our Mass Notification System provides real-time information and instructions to people in the building using intelligible voice communications along with visible signals, text, and graphics. We protect the life of building occupants by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and instructing people of the necessary and appropriate response and action. This can be done by life or prerecorded messages indicating the most appropriate escape route or instructing calm and to wait for further instructions.


You avoid payroll errors and inefficient time logging of all shifts. Increase productivity by reducing employee lateness, unauthorized long breaks and early departures. Record staff absences due to accidents and sicknesses. Time Attendance automates data collection and facilitates instant and periodic reports.


We help banks by installing a high-end CCTV system. Using the latest in video surveillance systems allows for detailed facial recognition of suspects that helps fight check fraud at banks. Newer digital video recorders allow you to record transaction data along with the video recording. This allows you to not only see the transactions as they happen but also sync the video with the detailed transaction. You can use this information to identify criminals and protect customer accounts. Considering that most ATMs are accessed by customers 24 hours a day, it is nice to know you are being covered.


For stringent requirements, we install magnetic contacts with encrypted magnet and contact protected against being removed from the installation surface. Our seismic detectors are able to monitor safes, cash dispensers, night deposits, strong rooms and modular vaults made of steel, concrete and armored or synthetic composites against break-in attempts with mechanical and thermal attack tools. Specially designed for best detection performance and maximum immunity to environmental influences. We install foot rails that are ideal to ensure the safety of staff and customers in case of a hold-up or attempted robbery. The discreet actuation of hold-up foot rails makes them ideal for triggering silent alarms, surveillance cameras, and many other switching functions.


We help to ensure that the people with access to restricted areas like safes, vaults and registers are those entitled to it. Your site may require two people to be present whenever the vault is accessed or security protection is disarmed. If needed, you can enable a “two-man” option requiring that two separate user codes be entered before the area will disarm or allow door access. In the event an employee—when arriving onsite—is ambushed by someone waiting inside, the system can discreetly notify the central station. When the “anti-ambush” feature is enabled, the employee must enter a special code upon entering the building and disarming the system. If the employee fails to enter the second code within a designated period of time, a silent ambush message is sent to the monitoring station.


We protect fire safety and security systems through multipole lightning current and surge arresters, offering a reliable planning and installation. Cameras installed on poles are secure through lightning protection system.