A perfect fire protection solution requires technology and expertise. Our intelligent extinguishing solutions, offer you the latest technologies based on long-term know-how and experience in fire detection and extinguishing from a global partner. The solutions are tailored to your individual needs to maximize business continuity. Fires are detected early and extinguished quickly and reliably.


This is the most efficient of all fire suppression systems on the market today. It suppresses a fire by cooling and asphyxiating the fire, thus removing the essential oxygen and heat it needs. Suitable for both local as well as total flooding applications. Applying safe and correct designs, including all safety procedures, this fire suppression system is a very effective solution for most applications.


A simple but effective fire suppression solution.Water droplet particles are drawn into the fuel/heat mixture and this creates a cooling effect and the fire is extinguished or suppressed. We offer two water mist systems; High Pressure and Low Pressure.


Engineered and installed by our qualified and experienced engineers, INERGEN is a highly effective fire suppression system for extinguishing fire & preventing re-ignition with no risk to people or damage to equipment. INERGEN systems are certified as safe and clean fire suppression systems for occupied spaces.


In order for combustion to take place, oxygen levels in a given environment must be over 15% to 16% by volume. This system purposefully maintains an oxygen level suitable for human occupation, but low enough to ensure the prevention of ignition. The Oxygen Reduction option has to be the most engineered fire protection system design. It is operated automatically under microprocessor control to regulate the amount of oxygen within a given environment.