Gsec unlocks the power of the most advanced access control hardware currently available on the market: IP readers and controllers from leading manufacturers. By combining the unique benefits of the hardware platform with the user-friendly graphic interface, we provide optimal and future-proof solution for IT-driven security projects.


Our system has all the feature you need: storing user details, assigning access levels, printing ID cards, managing biometric data, anti-passback, maps, alarm acknowledgment, sending alarms via text messages, integration between access control and video and much more.


It enables an organization to have full control of their employees working hours as it monitors late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism. It also helps to control labor costs by reducing overpayments, which are often caused by paying employees for time that are not working and eliminates transcription error, interpretation error, and intentional error. Saves time as it can either integrate directly with your payroll system or produce a report that can be downloaded or printed.